Solutions for Parking and Barrier Gates, Powered Doors, and Exhibits

Find out how Invisa's presence-sensing systems can protect against property damage, personal injury, unauthorized handling or theft of valuable items, and lawsuits.

SmartGate® PBG-3

Non-Contact Safety Sensor for Parking Barrier Gates - A highly customizable sensing field provides protection for people and vehicles passing through parking and barrier gates. (Read more about the PBG-3 system.)


Non-Contact Safety Sensor for Powered Doors - A sensing device to control the safe and secure operation of automated overhead doors, swing gates and other powered closures. (Read more about the CD-3 system.)


Non-Contact Security Sensor for Exhibit and Display Applications - An environmentally sensitive, self-adjusting, sensing device for monitoring areas immediately surrounding exhibits, safes and valuable objects. (Read more about the ES 3 system.)